I love Visual Capitalist for the information that they churn out on a weekly basis in fantastic graphical formats.

The latest one was in regards to freedom and how it is in decline throughout the world. A quick email to a friend led to me adding Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Laos to this list and then I basically sat there thinking, woah, we live in a dictatorial region. But in the end isn’t it just human behaviour? First we want democracy in the false belief that our viewpoints will be heard and expressed through our votes and then we realise that the politicians are donkeys serving their self-interests, following on from this a strongman comes along saying what we want to hear and we believe it (notice a pattern?), then it’s great for the first few years and then we realise the strongman is corrupt as they typically stay too long and then power corrupts, and then we demand democracy, rinse and repeat. Everything is just a cycle….

Anyways enjoy the chart below with a link to the original piece and the full paper it’s based upon.


Source: Visual Capitalist, Freedom House

  1. So true Pon, human nature is such a paradox. Inner conflicts, opposites that must cooperate: left brain vs right brain, an absurde architecture…

    Abstension in Europe is 30+%, in U.S. majority didn’t even bother to vote, and how many people die for get democracy and the right to vote? That’s really strange.

    Strange again, most of “free” countries are on slowing on economics, and some of the fast growth economies are not exactly democracies (example China, Vietnam).

    World productivity is slowing, western countries are aging with the healthcare/welfare/pension system heading to collapse…
    But at the end I’m optimistic, we have always found way to moving forward, probably automation will replace human workforce, and new generations willl live under a minimum income garantee by governments, we will see…

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