Just in Bloomberg today, China’s economy is already in a so- called “hard landing,” according to Adrian Mowat, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s chief Asian and emerging-market strategist.

“If you look at the Chinese data, you should stop debating about a hard landing…China is in a hard landing. Car sales are down, cement production is down, steel production is down, construction stocks are down. It’s not a debate anymore, it’s a fact…One should be concerned about what’s happening in the China property market. People are too complacent that the government can turn what’s going on in this market.”

My thoughts on this? I have no idea honestly, yes the data says one thing, all I know is that the country has changed massively in the past 10 years and from my trips there, any city that isn’t on the coast has a lot of development to do, thus while yes there is without a doubt over speculation within the property segment, I just can’t see this country slowing down.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-03-14/chinese-economy-already-in-hard-landing-jpmorgan-says.html

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