Buildings, shophouses, 7-11’s have started to put sandbags or build small cement walls around their areas in anticipation of the floods to affect inner Bangkok within the next 2-3 days.  I’m not looking forward to seeing the car park of my condo turn into a mini swimming pool.

A quick scan of the news gives us this list of damages/updates:

  • Excess water estimated at 18 billion cubic metres (thats ~ 18 trillion kgs)
  • 900 factories have been shut down, many of them are auto-parts manufacturers, affecting 200,000 workers
  • Death toll 283…
  • Phahon Yothin highway between kilometre markers 51 and 85 are closed due to 2 metre floods.
  • At least 230 interprovincial roads and rural roads in the Northern provinces and the Central plains have become impassable due to the flooding.
  • Ayutthaya’s Wang Noi district has severe flooding (this is only 50km from Inner Bangkok)
  • Chao Phraya level today is 2.06 metres above mean sea level, while Bangkok’s walls are at least 2.50 metres high
  • Peak seawaters expected this Saturday
  • All free car park spaces at the Suvarnabhumi Airport for car owners who want to escape the flood are now full.

Just now @ 10PM BKK time: Bangkok Metropolitan Association (BMA) Official says “if there is no heavy rain then we 100% guarantee that inner Bangkok is safe.” Go back to your gilded cage you silly fool!

So perhaps its time our lovely elected governments and civil servants stop being corrupt little buggers asking for a cut of every public project so they can buy themselves new toys and actually put the country before themselves?

And its amazing to think that this flood situation started in Thailand two months ago…

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