My colleagues and I, specifically me,  have had to deal with a lot of rubbish in the past month with our former firm/platform slandering us for the silliest of reasons, non-fact based, purely emotions driven.

For the time being we’ve decided to act proper and not bother mud slinging and throwing accusations around, despite the temptation because of how easy it would be, as  it would just end up being childish and my mother raised me better than that.

Of course if it gets to the point where I’ve had enough, be sure to be ready to read about unhonoured agreements, how actions there never put clients first (teaser: forcing clients to buy a fixed income fund that has a 5% front end fee?!?!?!), and several others. It’ll be quite a read.

All I can say is, we’ve put our clients first always, yes I’ve made one or two bad picks but the other 20 seem to have turned out quite well 🙂  as clients, colleagues and friends will know.


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