“Floods? What floods? Thailand will be safe forever, people love this country, companies will always come here for business!”

That’s the normal rhetoric from the government/politicians etc. etc. etc..and even from myself most times, albeit with a small disclaimer that the above won’t be the case unless the government acts to show that it is taking action to prevent a future flood crisis and improve the necessary infrastructure elements within the country.  But alas nothing has really been done yet and now this note just came across my email that Nidec, the largest micro motor maker in the world, and supplies 70% of the micro motors worldwide that go into Hard disk drives (HDD).  As you’ve probably guessed most of their plants are in Thailand where the HDD manufacturers are based.

Now Nidec has just announced that they will shift some production away from Thailand to the Phillippines, you can see the slide below for details.

But this government had better bloody wake up before more multinationals follow suit soon.

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