Thai Cows
You start with two cows.
You payoff the government to create an oligopoly for raising cows
Eventually you become prime minister promising free milk
A military coup happens, you leave the country. your children continue to run the cow business

Malaysian Cows
You start with Two cows
You hire a Chinese businessman and keep 30% of the profits, just because.

Vietnam Cows
You start with 2 cows
You setup multiple entities and transfer the same 2 cows, 20 times over, and list them on the US market
Overnight you’re worth 2 million cows

Filipino Cows
You start with 2 cows
They die because of a lack of imported grass
You move to America to find more cows.

You start with 2 cows
Your cows begin complaining about everything.
You move the cows to JB.

You start with 2 cows
You setup a business with your best friend.
He steals your cows
You are still best friends

    • Vietnam is THE VC SPAC market of ASEAN. all fluff, all stories, but it continues to go to the moon, before the government eventually cocks up something again and it crashes. in 2 months you’ll read about power issues in the North again. Just amusing.

      • peter satrapa-binder

        methinks it’s always the goverment cocking things up. not only in vietnam – here and in a lot of other countries too.

        • If people realised how fragile the complex systems we exist in truly are….everything is based upon a few individuals in each organisation executing things….it would be pandemonium.

          • peter satrapa-binder

            we’ve got some taste of that during covid. but that was still a very mild taste of how fast things may spiral downwards if there is any real problem or change to adjust to. but that is a worldwide problem.

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