Yes yes I know at times I disappear for a day or two or even three from updating this blog, it has been busy a period, then again it always is, in a given week we have to:

  • Update clients – takes half a day per client
  • Company Visit – takes half a day per company
  • Every morning – Check news pertaining to the industry/companies that we are tracking and maybe a new idea comes up without us realising it (hence why I like to do the “Stocks in the news” )
  • Every week – Review new potential investment ideas with the team grilling our analysts for each and every point. – take’s 1/3 a day (why so long? hey you’re investing people’s $ you better work hard and not make stupid mistakes)
  • Every week – I get grilled for my investment ideas by the team (which can take anywhere between 1 day to 1 week to fully be presentable, again why so long? see above)
  • Every 2 weeks – Get grilled by the Investment Committee
  • Every morning – Review the portfolio holdings for all clients
  • Every week – Try to catch up with someone non-investment related – why? It’s interesting just to see what else is going on in the world.
  • Every morning – Review the watchlist of potential holdings, existing holdings, see if there are opportunities because of price action – An example this past week, I sent my colleague to attend a company visit with analysts from several brokerage houses to find out information to answer 3 key questions we had and if the answers were positive to each and every one and that we had to be on standby to execute a buy order before the rest of the market got wind to the news. Which it did, 10 mins before market close @ lunch each answer was incredibly positive, we executed our investment decision, and after lunch the stock moved some +6%. But before we can get to such a position, we have to screen, find the idea, analyse an industry, a company, prepare a 40 slide presentation, get it approved by an investment committee and then be in this position to invest on behalf of clients.
  • Internal meetings – Big organisations love this shit
  • Spare time? What spare time? I read constantly.

Amongst many other things, so yes at times I may disappear for a period of time, but I still enjoy this writing, its help me formulate my thoughts and in the end I do understand the theories, research or news around investment far better.

Hope you all still enjoy reading 🙂

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