• Well wasn’t that one quick rebound, if you had closed your eyes for the past 4 weeks then things haven’t changed much in terms of prices. Seems like all European and Asian equities have benefitted since the “reset” last month and with tapering announced next week, the fed isn’t going to do anything until late 2015, the ECB for even longer, Japan for who knows, the Chinese slowdown ain’t happening and Syria? Things look quiet there too, so all in all whats to stop this rally all the way until the end of the year?
  • Thai Airways continues to show its run poorly as pictures all around the world show the sad attempt of management trying to cover up the logo and flag of an airplane that had a mini-crash.
  • The removal of a luxury tax is something we’re happy to hear about, if only they would finally do the same for cars…then again that may hurt all the japanese investment here in thailand..so perhaps we’ll still have to put up with paying 3x the price of the US for a European car.
  • Corruption in Thailand is getting worse, lets face it, Pheu Thai is ripping us off far too much, why I like all the inititatives being put through, the fact that we’re hearing numbers like 40-50% fees to win projects really do make us wonder what are we paying taxes for? The fact that we are hearing Yingluck and ALL of her staff are staying in 6 star hotels as she flies around the world makes us wonder what are we paying taxes for? The fact that we are hearing there will be another government scheme, this time to support rubber prices, makes us wonder what are we paying taxes for? Seriously stop @#$#ing around you useless politicians you’re only harming the country.

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