This government is proving to be fantastic for the stock market in Thailand, first with its plans to drop corporate income tax rates to 20% over the next few years and now this.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) would be delighted if the Revenue Department waived dividend taxes, especially since this would boost sentiment in national savings and stocks. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed the waiver.

Thai stocks already offer extremely high dividend yields (some companies we have pay 12% dividend yields and no they aren’t any of the telco’s) when compared to other markets/companies in SE Asia, but if this was to go through then Thailand is really going to have another banner year in terms of stock market performance.


    • Hi,

      I have thought about putting stock ideas. Still slightly hesitant to as I don’t want to be in the position of promoting a holding, but as a hint its a leasing company listed here with most of its business in Bangkok and Outer eastern Bangkok areas.

      • Hi Pon.

        There is a very large portion of investors in Thailand who are interested in dividend producing stocks, especially the retirees. Is there any possibility of you highlighting from time to time or on a regular bases major producing dividend stocks?

        Benjamin Graham said, “The prime purpose of a business corporation is to pay dividends to its owners” Both Mark Faber and Mark Mobius agree that dividend investing is one of the best investing styles for investors in Thailand.


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