Need ideas for investments? Look no further than these names here, I’ve looked at MACO and QLT in the past and found them to both be well run companies but for liquidity reasons neither were investable unfortunately. SST well…leveraging up ones balance sheet to buy Au Bon Pain and Dunkin Donuts…not sure. As for WORK, well stock price has been riding this satellite industry trend and LANNA and UPOIC are both commodity plays. But regardless, great to see these smaller names make the Forbes list!

Four of the six firms are on the mainboard, consisting of Lanna Resources pcl (LANNA), Sub Sri Thai pcl (SST), United Palm Oil Industry pcl (UPOIC), and Workpoint Entertainment pcl (WORK), with the other two companies, Master Ad pcl (MACO) and Qualitech pcl (QLT), being listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), Chanitr Charnchainarong, SET Executive Vice President and mai President, said

Source: SET

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