ADVANC to provide 5G network solution for Bosch’s factory in EEC, sees growth from IoT, remote production curling & monitoring, automated warehouse & logistic to improve productivity.

Comment: I think we are underestimating the potential impact of 5G on businesses, it’s going to be far bigger than we may realise.

AOT’s board omitted bonus payment for employees to preserve cash, investment on midfield satellite, baggage handling and parking bay.

Comment: What about management taking a 50% paycut? They’ve had no work to do.

BAY’s personal loan unit, Krung Sri Consumer, reports Bt196b card spending in 3Q, outstanding loans (eo-3Q) at Bt133b (Bt58b new loans), online shopping, food delivery and grocery contributed the most.

BOL chairman, Min Intanate, bought 32.942m shares at Bt4.2 average yesterday, SEC filing.

Comment: I’m assuming he bought BBL’s stake.

CPN expects FY20 revenue -20-25% yoy from Bt39b last year, roll out promo campaign to boost traffic for an upcoming holiday season, expects rental revenue improves from new tenants, aiming to maintain OCC above 90%, GPM within 38-42%.

Comment: The assets that didn’t rely on tourists i.e. ladprao/pinklao etc are close to normal, those reliant upon tourism are dead.

GPSC sets Bt2.74b budget for 90% stake in Sheng Yang Energy, a solar-farm in Taiwan, booting overall capacity by 50MW.

NRF maintains 10% full year revenue growth target, planning to debut wholly owned plant-based food brand next year, mulls to expand revenue from online sales to 30% within next 3 years.

ORI’s firm on Bt25b presales this year, plans 3 new condo projects by end of year, sees new record high revenue in 4Q20, with Bt40b backlog at end of year.

Comment: Magical

SAWAD mulls partnership with NOBLE to setup asset management firm to management SAWAD group’s AMC for further development, Tabloid.

Comment: Even more magical. SAWAD’s AMC is tiny.

SCB recovered petitions from 220 hotel operators to stretch payment holiday Bt11b debts till March 21 due to absence of international travelers.

Comment: Did they forget a 0?

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