Its not often we get to read about Thailand in a non-negative way on Bloomberg. The Thai Government Pension Fund has decided to begin investing in assets in both the US and Europe. Just further evidence that Thailand no longer only looks inward.

“The stagnate economic environment in the U.S. and Europe offers a great opportunity for property investments because of attractive prices,” Sopawadee said. “Global property investment is our strategy to become more aggressive and dynamic in boosting returns for our pensioners.”

Source: Bloomberg

  1. I enjoyed your article “Thai Pension Fund to Acquire U.S., Europe Properties”. Eventually, there will be problems for Thai companies buying American and European properties no matter how good a return on investment they get. The problem will begin when companies in the U.S. and Europe sue or make an official complaint regarding the rules in Thailand excluding them from reciprocal rights on Thai land ownership and the 49/51 percent ownership regarding companies that are set up here in Thailand. Of course the larger companies will encounter little if any problems, but the fact remains that when Thai businesses start going abroad with their investments it can not be a one way street and law suits from smaller companies will soon follow. Maybe, it will help change the current laws faster.

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