Just look at that YoY and even QoQ performance, not a surprise for the overall market. It’s the next 6-18 months that have me scratching my head for the overall market, certain sectors are going to continue doing well/improve i.e. energy/commodities, transports, hotels, but we won’t see such as large a jump, actually allow me to correct myself…2Q22-3Q22 is going to look far better regionally than 2Q21-3Q21, should there not be another alphabet flu that makes governments try to implement ridiculous zero covid policies.

A big surprise in the future may be telco’s, which are only 3 listed players, should there only be 2 listed players in the future….

Some stats:

  • 84% of companies had a positive QoQ
  • 43% of companies had a positive YoY for 2Q
  • 49% of companies had a positive 6M
  • 34% of companies had a positive for QoQ, YoY, and 6M

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