So the 4Q20 #’s were finished a few weeks ago, there’s an excel file link below (only available for a week from posting date)

Here are some quick #’s:

  • SET 4Q profit was -31% YoY, +23.7% QoQ, 9M was -50%
  • 3/27 sectors grew YoY & QoQ
  • 119/814 companies (SET & MAI) grew their profits & eps both YoY and QoQ
  • What the brokers aren’t showing is the breakdown in the SET profits per sector, they’re included in the table below.

Image 1: Sector Table

Image 2: Sector Chart

Note: (1) There may be issues in the data set; (2) Charts are limited to +/100% as things are wild out there

Excel Link: 4Q20 Thailand

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