And so the rubbish that was raised by the government 6-8 weeks ago has finally subsided.
The Agricultural Land Reform Office (Alro) said Wednesday that 16 wind farm projects located on Sor Por Kor government land are legal and can continue as planned.

Gen Chatchai said Alro also found that the 16 companies have not violated the terms of the ALRC’s regulations in terms of land rental.

Moreover, the 16 companies were acting in strict accordance with the regulation by paying farmers 35,000 baht per year per rai, he said.

“Before making a final decision on the matter, we will consider whether farmers will benefit from Alro’s land reform projects or not,” he said.

“It is clear that they really have received benefits from our projects,” he said, adding this was based on labour hiring activities in those areas, improvement to public infrastructure and water sources, and the development of tourism-related activities.

So what?
Arguably positive for both ea and demco. And the entire renewable energy industry.
Will they make more noise?
This news article isn’t an official document from the government yet. So risks, while minor still remain. Let us just hope that the officials have been satisfied…
Source: Bangkok Post
  1. I wonder how forward looking this market will be? Demco has 2 more quarters of poor numbers to go by my estimation and also potential WEH IPO (hopefully). Could we see double digits again before the year is out?

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