Voila there you go.
Just like I said here Pheu Thai Come back?
  • Concerns about a further delay of the general election escalated Thursday after the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) voted to reject all seven candidates chosen to be election commissioners.
  • The process of selecting candidates to be election regulators is now effectively back at square one and suspicions emerged that the assembly had received “an order” from the regime to veto the candidates.
  • The NLA met to certify the qualifications of the seven Election Commission (EC) finalists. An NLA committee chaired by Gen Ood Buangbon was responsible for checking their personal backgrounds, “moral conduct” and experience.
  • A closed-door meeting was held to consider a report on the candidates’ qualifications submitted by the NLA panel.
  • After the meeting which lasted more than an hour, a secret vote was held, with a total of 248 NLA members taking part.
  • The candidates failed to win endorsement from the NLA after each of them gained the backing of less than half of the 248 lawmakers present at the meeting.
Source: Bangkok Post
And guess what? Suthep is back. Surprised? Nope.

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