His latest paper is a discussion on the low interest rate environment and how he plans to navigate it going forward, it is quite the enjoyable read, here’s a snippet and link to the rest of the article.

On the bond side, my famous (infamous?) “Short of a lifetime” trade on the German Bund market was well timed but not necessarily well executed. Still, it was a prime example of opportunities hatched by the excess of global monetary policy – zero based policy rates and tag team match quantitative easing programs which continue to encourage malinvestment in financial assets as opposed to the real economy. Interestingly though, central banks and their respective economies seem to be on different time cycles. The ECB for instance, is still committed for over a year’s worth of 700 billion Euro asset purchases, while the U.S. Fed is chomping at the bit to raise policy rates in late 2015.

Source: Janus

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