During the first lockdown in Bangkok, after the initial recovery in the markets, and several hours of sitting alone in an office building, I had an epiphany, why not make a book? I’m an average writer at best and then realised I had over a decade’s worth of interviews somewhere on the internet, old computers (I started the interviews pre cloud storage days). And guess what we found over 120+ interviews from 2009-2020.

Thus what I thought would be a 3 month project turned into a 12 month project, regardless it’s done! 100 copies were printed and to my surprise after the first 2 dozen gifted to friends and family, the remaining were sold out (hat tip to SN).

So now a digital copy has been made and is available on Amazon Kindle.

Link: Amazon Kindle Ebook Store

360: Thailand

For the past 15 years, I’ve interviewed over 100 owners and executives of Thai companies listed on Stock Exchange of Thailand. The businesses range from infrastructure and real estate to cosmetics and tourism companies. For most of the companies, these are the only English interviews available.

The book is compilation of 100+ interviews from 2008-2020, providing a fantastic snapshot of what the owners and executives thought of their businesses and industries at a particular point in time.

I created this book as I wanted a form of corporate history to exist and to share it with those that are involved or curious about the country, the industries, the businesses and the capital markets in Thailand.

For those that are interested in purchasing a physical copy, well, there are none left. But if you’re interested, do send me an email (or DM me on twitter @gvancomp), and I’ll keep a track of your details. We’re contemplating of launching a pre-ordering campaign and if there is enough demand we’ll get it going.

Thank you.

  1. well done
    keep it up as this is basically how Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) started – he had lots of notes and then someone suggests he compile it into a book and the rest is history – all the best – regards Kelvin at Thai888 Law Pattaya

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