1. Phuket to reopen as planned: The government still intends to press ahead with its plan to reopen Phuket to foreign tourists on July 1, despite battling another surge of Covid-19 infections. Bangkok Post
  2. New aid measures to bump spending: Government expects six new schemes to help generate B400bn. The government’s new relief packages are expected to generate spending of up to 400 billion baht, which could increase GDP growth by one percentage point, says Kulaya Tantitemit, director-general of the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO). Bangkok Post
  3. Myanmar keeps ban on onshore cross border import in all kind of drinks as well as instant coffee, tea, sweeteners/natural condensate milk aft negotiation failed, Commerce ministry.
  4. Kobsak urges govt to curb a 4th wave: Fourth wave to have drastic effect on GDP. Thailand should try its best to curb a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, especially preventing the spread of the Indian variant which might enter the country via the Myanmar border. Otherwise, additional borrowing to fight the new outbreak and rehabilitate the economy will be inevitable, warned Kobsak Pootrakool, former minister to the Prime Minister’s Office. Bangkok Post
  5. TCC, central bank discuss SMEs’ woes: The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) yesterday talked with the Bank of Thailand on the possibility to allow small and medium-sized enterprises to place purchase orders or invoices as loan collateral, a move that will enable SMEs to gain easier access to funds that will help alleviate their tight liquidity. Bangkok Post
  6. Cabinet approves extra funding for two govt relief packages: The cabinet yesterday approved extending two Covid-19 relief schemes to deliver extra funding to some 41.5 million people under a budget of more than 78 billion baht. Bangkok Post
  7. MOF, BOT and Rev dept mull rolling out tax incentives package for banks & non-bank lenders offering hair-cut to debtors, aiming to accelerate restructuring, sees accrued debts payment below 90days jump 2-3 fold in mortgage, HP, credit cards, consumer credits, expects to implement from Jun/Jul.
  8. State bureaus told to halt requests: Funds left in loans to be used for the public. State agencies have been instructed to halt development proposals that were to be funded by the 1-trillion-baht emergency loan decree as the government is reserving the remainder to fight Covid-19 infections. Bangkok Post
  9. BoT offers new debt repayment phase: The Bank of Thailand is set to announce phase 3 of its debt restructuring measures for individual borrowers today to help ease hardships stemming from the impact of the third wave of Covid-19. Bangkok Post
  10. The National New Generation Vehicle Committee has approved investment privileges for EV charging and battery swapping business under its plan to develop more EV infra in Thailand.

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