Just look at the dumps taken by several plc’s in the 4Q22… Here are the highlights:

  • 114 out of 864 names had profits increased QoQ, YoY, YoY FY.
  • 4Q22 SET EPS was THB160bn-33% QoQ, -42% YoY.
  • 28% were better than forecasts, 35% below forecasts, 37% in line
  • 4Q22 earnings were hit by high SG&A and one-time expenses of close to THB60bn ( KBANK, BANPU, TRUE, IVL). Revenue was stable QoQ and YoY.
  • Sectors whose earnings grew YoY and QoQ were Property, Transport, Finance, Electronics, and Media.
  • Sectors where earnings fell YoY and QoQ were Energy, Banking, construction material, Food@Beverage, and Hospitals.
  • Total SET net profit was THB970bn, EPS at THB86.70/share stable YoY.
  • Consensus 2023 SET EPS downgraded to THB103/share +23% YoY from the previous THB106/share.
  • Sectors that saw downgrades were Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Transport, Media, and Finance.
  • Sectors that were upgraded were Hotels, IE, Auto, Airlines, and beverages.

Italicised copied n pasted from a broker report.

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