I commented earlier this week that I have an unnatural fear for the month of September as because its the month which I always travel overseas and there has always been a negative event in September since 2007 that rocks the markets badly.

Given that the SET has just fallen some 2% over the past 2 trading sessions and Bernanke speaking next week it would be remiss to not be slightly nervous with some portions of the portfolio.

But enough rambling onto the post, saw these two articles in the same day, one saying that the Thai Government Pension Fund is paring its domestic investments in the SET

The Government Pension Fund (GPF) has revised down its proportion of the domestic investments it has been making through local asset management firms, the better to cope with the recent market volatility.

Its domestic investment is now down to 33.5 billion baht, from 60 billion last year, said secretary-general Sopawadee Lertmanaschai.

Source: Bangkok Post

and another article from ING saying that the market will hit 1,314 points this year. Just goes to show the different viewpoints abound when investing.

ING Funds (Thailand) says the Stock Exchange of Thailand index will likely hit 1,314 points this year and earnings per share will grow by 23%, in line with the positive capital market trend until 2014.

Monrat Phadungsit, the chief investment officer, said emerging markets including Thailand’s share market remains an attractive destination for global funds, as the region is currently the highest growing economy, one least affected by the global financial crisis.

Source: Bangkok Post

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