In the paper yesterday there was more light shone upon the upcoming potential infrastructure funds in Thailand and they have listed a huge amount of businesses that take advantage of it…

The SEC will allow two new types of businesses to raise funds through infrastructure funds: natural gas transport and oil pipelines, and information technology sciences such as laboratory science. Existing businesses that can use the new type of fund include rail systems, waterworks systems, electricity systems, airports, telecommunications, water management, expressways, deep sea ports, alternative energy systems and natural disaster protection systems.

Source: Bangkok Post 

Now just quick scan through the market gave me the following co’s that will benefit

CK – Owns several infrastructure related co’s, BECL springs to mind, (up 18% this week)

BECL – Highways (up 11% this week)

BMCL – MRT System (only one down this week -2.8%)

TTW – Thai Tap Water (up 8% this week)

BTS – Well known already (up 4.7% this week)

RATCH – Electricity (up 3.2%)

ITD – Deep sea water port (up 4.5%)

UAC – Alternative energy (up 3.31%)

AOT – airports, duh (up 5% this week)

 So there are several co’s that benefit and I’m sure I’ve missed a few, time to start hounding each and every analyst covering these co’s for their ideas


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