BTS Group Holdings Plc (BTS) and TMB Bank (TMB) will be added as components of MSCI Global Standard Indices.  

The 15 new stocks on the MSCI Global Small Cap Indices are Asia Plus Securities Plc (ASP), Chularat Hospital Plc (CHG), CK Power Plc (CKP), Country Group Development Plc (CGD), Diamond Building Products (DRT), DSG International (Thailand) Plc (DSGT), Erawan Group Plc (ERW), KCE Electronics Plc (KCE), MBK Plc (MBK), MC Group Plc (MC), MK Restaurant Plc (M), Mono Technology Plc (MONO), Nok Airlines Plc (NOK), RS Plc (RS) and Thai Union Frozen Products Plc (TUF).

Source: Bangkok Post

We only raise our eyebrows towards CGD and Mono, how did they get there?

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