• I just gorged at the buffet today!!! My lord their were some good bargains to be had from all the Chicken Little investors.

  1. Hope you were daytrading xavi cos in an hour the Dow is going down 600 points and next week isn’t going to look any better!

    • Why would I be day trading, I liquidated large parts of my portfolio last month to take advantage of decent prices and have been sitting on cash for days like yesterday. If it drops next week I will be adding back more shares at significantly lower prices than I sold them for.

      Case in point BR and PTTGC yesterday both over 12% below prices last month : )

      • one can argue both ways, that it will be snowball effect of falling prices, of margin calls, further selling etc etc that the EU falls apart, the UK falls apart etc etc. Or that in reality the UK counts for close to nothing for global GDP and that this was a political event and not financial and thus by mid-next week markets return to “stability”

        • I hope the markets are chaotic next week. As who holds their nerve can get some real bargains.

          The same can be said with what happened in January. I loaded up positions then, sold in April/May and now looking to reload again.

          The only caution I always say is if you haven’t unloaded any positions yet then be very careful with what you do next week as you may be doubling down if the markets fall further.

          • It is far too early to be loading up on long positions, knives are falling in every major market, don’t hold out your hands yet!

            Unless you are the average local investor buying into the fairytale that is Thai Airways International!

        • The same could be said of Grexit a few years back and they were in a far more perilous position than what Brexit would cause only because of the contagion effect of all the debt. Brexit will be a long drawn out process that will probably take 2-4 years to sort out and even then maybe the new economic deals being negotiated with the EU won’t be radically different to what they were.

          I remember someone commented on increasing their PTTGC positions a while back when the stock was trading mid 60s. Well Friday was a great opportunity to accumulate this stock when it dropped to 55 at one stage.

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