The latest article from Forbes covers quite a few points related to the currently military ruling of Thailand and goes into the background (basically Thaksin et al) of how Thailand turned into this situation today. There are several interesting points such as:

  • Equally important is the long-term. The interim constitution, “drafted without public consultation,” noted Freedom House, provided “unchecked powers and no human rights protections.”
  • BBC’s Head reported that Thailand is “a country which has long been plagued by corruption at every level of officialdom, and where the criminal justice system barely functions.” Even members of the military, including Chan-ocha’s brother, another general, have prospered mightily while serving in the armed forces.
  • If the regime responds by moving closer to authoritarian China, Washington should respond with a shrug. Neighbor Burma illustrates the problems with that strategy.

Now personally I don’t quite care who is in charge of the country but if they are going after Yingluck and everyone related to Thaksin this strongly, what about the yellow shirts that shut down the airport? What about Suthep who obviously broke every rule of law with his protests and his corruption while being DPM.

Basically I want the military to show that they are neutral through equal treatment of ALL parties, whoever is guilty jail them/execute them/whatever, just equal treatment to both sides.

Source: Forbes

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