Notable Transactions


  • BGH – This has been the story of the year with the President continuing to buy shares
  • PS – Preuksa was the most affected property company last year because of the floods but they have rebounded quite well despite difficulties. Owner buys THB 148 mn
  • TVO – Director of the company accumulates THB 48 mn worth of shares


  • MJD – Owner and director unloads THB 33mn hmm…
  • TUF – Not the first time a Director has been selling this year
  • CPF – I found this transaction to be odd
  • SPC – Massive sale by one of the major shareholders

  1. What’s going on at TTW? There are four management members selling shares at the same time, and no one seems interested in commenting…am I being too concerned? Does anyone have any information or idea why they have sold their stocks? And yes, I am a shareholder of TTW, so any information would be appreciated.

    • Hi,

      Yes that’s correct, the only reason I haven’t highlighted it in the weekly posts is b/c its relatively “small” versus the larger management transactions.

      I can only imagine that because the stock has gone from a 9x pe 7% yield to a 13x pe 5% yield this year as a function of a chase for yield by a lot of investors and funds, then perhaps management could decide to take some profit. If you look at options in the market as a whole, AIs, INTUCH, DTAC all offer dividend yields similar to TTW if not better, SIRI has a better yield and this despite all four companies been larger in size than TTW.

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