Soooo, the naked short selling news – there’s no smoke w/o fire.

And the retail investors are all over this in the Thai social media spaces providing evidence, here’s one link sent to me 2 weeks ago, facebook link re JMT , but like anything else in the markets – it will be forgotten and moved on from in due time. It’ll be interesting how the SET and the government handles this because Kittirak already came out saying “No, it doesn’t exist”, the SET said the same, and then in the Bangkok Post they posted this article where KKP said they don’t (18 Nov) btw it’s since deleted, this is the original link, and a screenshot – Yes I do that…

So back to the manipulated markets of the SET, earnings season is done, and guess what. The market’s EPS is up…

    • JMT, HANA, COM7…Like I said it was easy to observe…data is there. Anyways, fines should be coming…I just don’t know which offshore Fund it was, which broker? Easy, anyone of the top 3 for this year….

    • I guess the Numbers of Retails will decline more as the SET becomes more an more an Playground for this Algo Trading from Speculators with deep Pockets . Before the Retails was good for enough Liquidity in type Markets now you don’t need them . As there’s not much Quality Stocks here where it makes sense to invest in the Longer Term the Retailers will probably not willing to put much more Money in their usually “all in Red “ Accounts .
      Some Years ago an good Friend who worked with an local Broker here( that still exists under an Different Name ) show me the list of Accounts from his Customers and they was ALL deep red , you can imagine how they will look like today after the SET was one of the Worst Markets worldwide this Year ..

      • peter satrapa-binder

        it would be interesting to see a comparison of the SET with other stock markets around the world in that respect. i also believe that in most stock market the retail investors will be replaced more and more by algo trading and big players.

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