I still hold to what I wrote last week, Market Update 17/07 | ThaiCapitalist, a government is being formed, the bottom has passed for now.

For the market, banks’ are reporting now, can’t expect anything pretty unless they’re going to be clever about hiding the real NPL figures, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that BBL, KTB & BAY continue to keep kicking every other banks backside.

  1. I agree the broad SET mkt. seems to have bottomed out for now, due to a new govt. likely forming before long. Even while its not what many had hoped for. A key risk are demonstrations which would/could affect tourism related stocks most. They key Thai stocks investor point is and remains: there are some good investments to be found… with solid reputation and good CG, all on their own reconnaissance. Relentlessly trying and finding these has has always been my aim & forte and long success here, with plenty of setbacks. One has to balance this with in/a sea of global mediocracy, where other investor destinations have also very big shortcomings, although very different.

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