I don’t care about social media news and the daily ongoings regarding the politics because I consider it all noise at the moment. A government is being formed, it will be better than what the country has had for the past 9 years and there is nothing but upside aside. All the daily news we are seeing are just distractions.

What does worry me is when discussing with colleagues running real businesses, it’s an odd economy where some retail businesses are doing well growing at +20-40% from SSSG and store expansion, and others are telling me that they have down -30-50% YoY or a franchisee of well-known coffee chain is down -30% YoY. It’s a strange environment and I’m not sure what we’ll see play out in the public company figures. The only constant seems to be that Central Malls are able to charge their customers for far higher rent than pre-covid and the brands/retailers are willing to take it just to breakeven and make up the profits via online sales.

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