As I’m finishing to write the August client letter I’ve noted that there really are only 4 key events to look for and depending upon which way the outcome is could in the Short term either very positively affect the markets or very negatively.

  1. Will European politicians agree to hold hands and deal with the crises there head on or let the Euro dissolve and the region sink into a depression.
  2. Will China crash? Or will they wave their magical wands and have another round of fiscal and monetary stimulus?
  3. Will Bernanke print more money again or let the US economy continue to mope along
  4. Will Thai politicians get their act together, hold hands, and finally move on the infrastructure spending or just continue to argue like little children?

And yet I have no idea what the outcome of each event will be, the global markets are also just trending along waiting to see the outcome of each of the first 3 events hence why August was a very slow month for traders. It is slightly scary noting that everything depends on politicians and central bankers, but we have faith in our abilities to be able to manage the any fluctuations thrown at us within the next few months and we will still happily go running around Thailand looking for new stocks 🙂

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