You probably reading it everywhere now that Bangkok is covered in smog for the past 2 weeks. This visual from Bloomberg demonstrates it best and despite the perception that HK and Beijing have the worst levels of pollution it is startling to see Bangkok exceeding those two locations. Now investment wise news, a few brokers, have been commenting about the negative impact this will have on tourism, my thought? Absolute rubbish.  But for all of us living here, I hope that it improves in the coming days.

Thailand expects around 37 million tourists in 2018 — equivalent to more than half its population. A gauge from Mastercard Inc. shows Bangkok received 19.4 million overnight international visitors in 2016, the most for any city.

Source: Bloomberg

  1. Hi Pon try this App “Air Visual” saw comment on best apps in Thailand
    Today, US AQI – tops is Dhaka on 339, Beijing is placed No.8 with 189, Bangkok is No.29 with AQI 86, Chiang Mai No.31 with 79!!!
    Cheers from Perth AQI today =6!

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