Interesting read in yesterday’s Bangkok Post about the government revising Thailand’s renewable energy targets for the next 10 years. It is something that is absolutely necessary for Thailand as the country is a net importer of oil.

Key point(s):

1. Government approved a revised plan to up renewable energy to 25% from 20% of country’s consumption by 2021.

2. Increase Solar power to 2,000 MW from 500 MW

3. Wind power doubled to 1,200 MW from 600 MW

4. Biomass production doubles to 3,630 MW, and biogas increase 5x to 600MW

5. Power production from community waste increase to 160 MW

We’ve already seen here a big push by companies to expand into the renewable energies sector and now I’m thinking aloud of there will be further interest in the public companies that are focusing more of their attention on renewable energy projects. Off the top of my head I remember that DEMCO and GUNKUL were looking to generate more revenues from this sector, perhaps its time to do more research into them both.

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