I was just doing research looking for information on a property company in Thailand, which led me to reading about politicians and then inspired a phone conversation with a friend about how much under the table money had to be paid just for an energy project in Thailand and then somehow led me to this “old” (it is only 6 years ago) on Thai politics from the BBC (its crazy how the internet works)

The godfathers did not go away. Instead, recognising this new political phenomenon, they opted to move under the Thai Rak Thai umbrella. Newin Chidchob was one of them. 

Mr Thaksin’s wealth and personal popularity gave him a far stronger hand in dealing with the godfathers than any other party in Thailand’s history, so his governments were not crippled by the demands of coalition partners, as his predecessors had been.

So the question that comes to mind is Which side are the godfathers taking now?

 Article Source: BBC


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