So despite all this political rubbish, foreign investors selling the market, local investors have buying LTF’s taking advantage of the weakened equity market.

The numbers are:

  • Local investors have a net buy THB 1.18 bn in LTF’s this year
  • Typically in the past 3 years of Jan-Mar, net sales of LTFs were THB 3 bn in 2011, THB 19 bn in 2012 and THB 13 bn in 2013
  • Typically in the last three months of a year, net buys of THB 17 bn in 2011, THB 27 bn in 2012 and THB 25 bn in 2013.
  • Some THB 40 bn worth of LTF’s are redeemable this year.

 Source: Bangkok Post

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