And there we go, thats 2Q19 earnings for you – 18% for the SET. A lot of it is driven by the decrease in the industrials & petrochemical sector which could be arguable the inventory losses, but it’s a sign of the issues facing the companies listed on the SET and the MAI. The only sector that was positive was the agricultural industry driven by the chicken and pork price moves domestically.

Below I’ll show a break down per industry and then sector on a 6 month comp and quarterly comp, the information is based upon the reported net profits.

Chart 1: Industry Profits – 6M19 vs 6M18

Chart 2: Industry Profits – 2Q19 vs 1Q19 vs 2Q18

Table 1: Industry Profits – Quarterly comps, 6M19 vs 6M18

Table 2: Sector Profits – Quarterly comps, 6M19 vs 6M18

    • Yes that gave me a bit of excitement on Friday evening.

      3 years…well now there’s no ridiculous government agency intervention…it’s been quite a story for this company.

      Hopefully we’ll see some positive movements for once in the share price next week. Not sure it can return to mid teens unless the KPN family is taking out of WEH.

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