A morning rant.

This pariah to Thai society has been off the news since the previous government/democrat party was in charge here in Thailand. Now his ASTV has apparently been forced off the air because they are unable to pay a THB 12 million debt (USD 400k) to the satellite operator.

K. Sondhi, your cars are worth about THB 30 million baht, you’re a self-titled “media tycoon” and you are saying that you really can’t afford this?

So a quick background on who this charlatan is:

1. He was at the forefront of the PAD/yellow shirt protests in 2006-2008

2. He used to have a media empire throughout Asia and was called the “Asian Rupert Murdoch” pre-asian financial crisis.

3. He and Thaksin Shinawatra were best buddies back in the day until they had a falling out over who had the bigger media/telecom empire. Note: Thaksin had the head of KTB, Viroj Nualkhair, in 2001 forgive more than THB 1 billion in debt to Sondhi’s media empire to allow it to escape bankruptcy.

4. He was part of the group (PAD/yellow shirts) that shut down the international airport in Thailand in 2008 for just over a week, which personally effected me because one my father couldn’t return to Bangkok, and two a close friend from University days who was holidaying in Thailand couldn’t return home back to Australia.

I could go on and on, but I’m happy to see this person fail, he brought misery to countless people here in Thailand, properly embarrassed the country internationally, and to what purpose? Thaksin is in charge again, K. Sondhi your ridiculous efforts have failed, I hope you just fade away and be nothing but a footnote in the history of this country.


  1. Sondhi is too much of a pompous arse to disappear from the Thai political scene. Someone tried with terrible aim (not that I agree with the shooting attempt) but he is and will still be an annoying reactionary in Thailand whether we like it or not.

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