A lot of deals have taken place in the past few months, we’ve had a change of major shareholders in NOBLE, GLOW being acquired by GSPC, and LH’s founder going for another 10% in his co. And now the latest one is SPALI w/ MK, although granted back in the day a related family member of SPALI owned MK before selling it to a third party. But still, looks like there’s a decent amount of consolidation happening. Plenty of rumours abound regarding LH & QH and several other listed companies so lets see how this all unfolds

Here are the key details for SPALI & MK:

“to make a voluntary tender offer in M.K. Real Estate Development Public Company Limited (“MK”) pursuant to the Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board No. TorChor. 12/2554 Re: Rules, Conditions and Procedures for the Acquisition of Securities
for Business Takeovers (as amended) (the “Takeover Notification”) at the offering price of THB 4.10 per share, under the condition that SPM shall cancel the tender offer if, after the expiry of the voluntary tender offer period, the offerees tender shares of MK less than 25.00 percent of the total issued and paid-up shares of MK.”

Source: SPALI SET Announcement

So what?

  • Closing price of MK today was THB 3.3 / share
  • Offering Price: THB 4.10 / share
  • Offer premium above close: +24%

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