There’s been confusion amongst a lot of us about what on earth the State of Emergency means this time around. When the previous SoE was declared during the red-shirt riots, we had curfews and demonstrations were banned and the government and military enforced them. This time around these are the 5 measures for the State of Emergency, now will they actually be enforced?

1. No gatherings of five or more people in areas marked out by the CMPO are allowed. People can only gather for legal demonstrations and elections. Actions inciting disorder are banned.

2. News reports and distribution of newspapers and other publications carrying distorted information or facts that might cause panic, affect peace and order or good morals are not allowed.

3. At the order of the CMPO chief, the use of public transport routes and vehicles for other purposes is prohibited.

4. The use of public buildings and areas, as well as entering specific places is prohibited under the orders of the CMPO chief.

5. People must evacuate certain areas for their own safety and not enter other areas in line with orders of the CMPO chief.

6. The CMPO chief will set a timeframe for enforcing the above orders and set a criteria for operation officers to minimise the impact on the general public.

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