BAREIT: BA Airport Leasehold REIT, debut IPO 1.03b units at Bt 10 apiece, KBANK leads & KASSET trustee.

BCP ramps up Oil & Gas EP investment in Norway via flagship venture OKEA drilling co (45.7% holding) as 1H22 OKEA revenue +148% yoy to Bt 10.2b boosted by geopolitical conflict, rising price and increasing global demand.

Comment: Love it. They’re going to make bank on this investment over the next 3-5 years.

CK wins Bt3.28b flood drainage canal from Royal Irrigation Department. KSAM, raised holding by 0.1231% to 5.0444% on Sept 12.

CPN opened Centara Korat Hotel yesterday, the first mixed-use projects in the north-eastern region.

Comment: They’re going to dominate the mid to high tourism market in Thailand.

HUMAN sets 5-year CAGR at 20%, after acquiring DataOn, focusing on 3 strategies, existing business, M&A, and JV, with workplace platform to be long term growth engine, firms on 15-20% revenue growth target.

Comment: The issue for this name versus the sexy loved ones (BBIK, BE8, DITTO) is that the owner comes across old fashioned…and succession is a question mark.

GPSC signs a 10-year $185m green loan contract with SMBC to expand its clean-energy investment, plans to boost its renewable-energy port to >50% of its total capacity by 2030.

SABUY signs with 7 leading banks, offering E-KYC at its >10K machines for basic banking services, including top-up, bill payment, and deposits, 24/7.

Comment: Well they are announcing a massive amount of developments, let’s see how this translates into cash flows.

SVT targets to increase its vending machines to 17K by end of year, 20K by eo-2023, from 14,628 eo-2021. DBS sees 21% profit growth, lowest PE among peers.

TPCH sees solid 3-4Q on COD of 2 biomass PP, 2.85MW Mae Lan and2.85MW Bannangsta, boosting overall to 122MW, firms on 30-40% revenue growth this year.

Comment: But they’ve missed the entire trend.

TNH: VIBHA raised holding by 0.0083% to 15% on Sept 12.

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