JMART Plans on nearly 300 new outlets next year — JMART will invest Bt200mn in 2013 to open 280 new stores and expects 30% YoY growth in 2013 revenue as the 3G licenses will push demand for smart phones. (Tun Hoon, 12/12/12)

Comment: Love the man love the business, he’s done a wondeful job growing his company to this level, and really its the debt collection of JMT that will continue to drive JMART’s business forward for the next 2-3 years.

HMPRO 4Q12 good thanks to HomePro Expo — HMPRO says that 4Q12 performance will be good thanks to HomePro Expo. It expects 2012 sales to reach Bt30bn; 9M12 sales were Bt24.8 bn. Its 2013 target growth is at least 15%YoY (Tun Hoon, 12/12/12)

Comment: Slightly worried about next year’s performance, its a good co yes, but 2012 was all about the flood recovery and how that boosted sales well, 2013 I’m not too sure what will drive SSS

NUSA Management expects tripling in revenue next year — NUSA management said 2013 revenue will grow at least Bt3bn from expected Bt1bn this year. The company plans to launch sis projects worth Bt14 bn. (Tun Hoon, 12/12/12)

PTTEP Cove to require US$1.3bn — PTTEP estimates its recently acquired UK-based Cove Energy will require US$1.3bn in investment capital for its operation the next five years. (Bangkok Post, 12/12/12)

SIRI Backlog up to Bt50bn, booking over three years — SIRI’s backlog has reached Bt50bn and it expects to recognize this over the next three years. This sets a new record high for backlog for both the company and the industry. The company is confident it will reach its target revenue of Bt28mn. (Khao Hoon, 12/12/12)

Comment: The President likes to see his stock price going up up up

  1. Hi Pon.
    Your “Stocks in the news” section is a winner. This is a section you should REALLY expand on, as you are giving information that puts the focus on stocks we investors should be looking at. Thanks and keep up the good work.


    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the comment as usual 🙂

      Any thoughts on how to expand it b/c quite simply there is a time constraint when it comes to blogging here and also just b/c a stock is mentioned in “Stocks in the News” doesn’t mean its a good investment idea. The aim is purely that in Thailand a lot of the rumours/new releases are done via the Thai language papers and not the English language papers so we felt that it would be a good addition for the English readers here.

  2. Hi Pon.
    I enjoy your site. Of course I and the other people who read this website understand that just because a stock is mentioned in your “Stock in the news” section doesn’t mean it is a good stock to invest in. We do get a negative or positive opinion from your comments and that is a good starting point for us to do some ratio and fundamental research to see if the stock matches our criteria formula for buying stock. Having a semi-simple buying formula is the key here, but you mentioning several stocks does make it easier to zero in on a stock to take a closer look at.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks. Just fyi we’ve begun a forum section on the site, the aim will be for readers of this site to discuss holdings there. Will post about it shortly, hope you’ll contribute 🙂

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