The latest cabinet reshuffle has quite a few interesting changes, some expected, some a pleasant surprise, others meh.

Firstly the expected – Somkid in charge as a deputy PM – a positive given he “should” know something about how to boost an economy given his performance under Thaksin’s first term

Pleasant Surprise(s)

– Apisak Tantivorawong – now the former chairman of KTB, advisor to SCB, Chairman of the ASEAN Bankers Association, Chairman of the Thai Bankers association, served on the board of IVL, CP Group, SYNEX, TOP, QH; someone that “should” know how to be a finance minister
– Dr. Uttama – Has been an advisor to Somkid during Thaksin’s first term, an Independent Director at BIGC, perhaps not the most ICT qualified person but should still have the wits on how to go ahead with this digital economy


-Why are there so many Deputy PM’s?

-Everyone else

Random thoughts – Interesting how 3 people that were (are?) part of Thaksin’s economic team are now in positions of power. Let the conspiracy discussions begin.

cabinetSource: Bangkok Post

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