This is a key theme for investing this year that these all of these projects will be approved, bidded out and begin construction. You can see that several projects are already under construction and awarded out but there are still hundreds of billions of baht worth still to be awarded. Here’s some quotes from the BKK Post article and a link to the full piece.

  •  The 2016 transport infrastructure action plan (urgent phase) called for 21 priority projects with a total investment value of 1.83 trillion baht, while the 2017 plan calls for the investment of 34 infrastructure projects worth a combined 895.75 billion baht.
  • According to the NESDB report, 10 of the planned 21 projects outlined in the fiscal 2016 plan are under construction, one is in the process of acquiring cabinet approval, and five are about to start construction after the cabinet recently approved the winning contractors.
  • Other projects include the Thai-Chinese high speed railway project, the Bangkok-Hua Hin and Bangkok-Rayong high-speed rail projects, and the Thai-Japanese high-speed train linking Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
  • Workers began clearing space for the construction of the initial “train to nowhere”, a 3.5km stretch of the Thai-Chinese high-speed railway from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima on Dec 21, while the Bangkok-Hua Hin and Bangkok-Rayong high-speed rail projects are in the process of being presented to the public-private partnership committee for approval.
  • The NESDB said of the 34 infrastructure projects worth 895.75 billion baht scheduled for investment in 2017, one project is operational, two are under construction and one is in the bidding process.
  • Two projects are being prepared to be bid upon, 13 projects are in the process of requesting cabinet approval, 10 are being proposed to the PPP committee, and five are being studied for feasibility.

Source: Bangkok Post

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