Bloomberg came out with an article titled “Reports of Thailand’s Revival Are Greatly Exaggerated”, source link below, basically stating what most people already know that this year economically Thailand hasn’t performed well at all, which isn’t a surprise given how things have unfolded in the past 18 months. My own viewpoint is that 2015/16 will be rubbish years GDP wise based on what I see today, yes the consumer at the lower end is over indebted, so not much on the consumer spending side, exports – dead in terms of soft commodities and electronics (b/c HDD manufacturing has all but disappeared) but when/if this infrastructure spending kicks in, it’ll coincide (hopefully) with consumer spending (based upon a basic theory that after 5 years people have paid back their car loans)  and 2017-2019 will be rocking years again for the country.Still market wise we have a lot going on next year – property co’s backlogs have all been shifted to 2015, digital TV is working its magic with ratings, telco’s should get some clarity, banks will be ok, insurance continues to grow, 2016/19 you’ll most likely see construction materials, construction co’s all going gangbusters and then the usual knock on effect. Ok enough rambling, enjoy reading Bberg’s article.

Thailand may still be the best place in the world to get a nose job, even after its military coup last spring. But tentative signs of an economic rebound hardly resolve the deep structural problems that continue to afflict its politics, economy and society.

The Thai stock market is booming, and growth has ticked upward slightly after shrinking almost 2 percent in the first quarter. The country has retained its position as the world’s No. 1 destination for medical tourism, including cosmetic surgeries.

Source: Bloomberg

  1. The educational standards are pitiful. Instilling the youth with docility and deference is not the way forward, and this isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. It’s a sad state of affairs that perpetuates the good times for a few as the rest flounder in ignorance and superstition.

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