Funny little article on Bberg over the weekend on Thai politics. The writer, William Pesek, puts forth an idea to allow Thaksin to come back and prove himself.

Thaksin has been extraordinarily successful at three things since fleeing to avoid prison: playing the victim, drumming up support overseas and distracting Thailand’s leaders from moving on.

It’s time to call his bluff. Let the man return and prove that he’s not the crook that opposition forces claim. Force him to demonstrate he’s about more than just recouping his wealth. Make him stand before the Thai masses and explain his vision.

Source: Bloomberg

We’ve written a couple of times on local politics here and find it akin to the silly Thai drama TV shows shown weekly. All in all I highly doubt he’ll come back anytime soon 1.) old military folks still say that they would shoot him the moment he comes back; 2.) he is a crook, yes its fairly obvious, then again so are most politicians, and a fair number of civil servants (how else can the head of police have a few Porsches in his garage?); 3.) He can try to come back via the court system which we had posted earlier here, Meh, zzz, we’re just enjoying the Thai politics show and doubt there is much to worry about the time being.

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