Fairly interesting that both the SET and SEC have been in the news often the past few weeks with ideas on how to expand the SET Index further and bring in more investor flows to the local equity market. I do hope they will actually do something versus just saying they are thinking about expanding businesses.

The two countries are considering ways to use Thailand’s capital market as a channel to mobilise funds to develop investment in Kunming; establishing real estate investment trusts and mutual funds for basic infrastructure; and encouraging Chinese investors to mobilise funds and list their companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in various forms such as holding companies

Source: Nation

The index will be used to encourage listed firms to embrace the principle of social responsibility, which in turn would attract more investors.

To create a useful index, it may take some time to gather data and find good indicators – it cannot be done right away, Chaiyawat said at the CEO Forum hosted by the SET.

Source: Nation

  1. I think it is not the social responsibility that attract investors,
    It is growth potential, and low taxes on dividends and capital gains.
    In Europe many small stock/exchanges will struggle to get liquidity if the proposed European financial transaction tax will happen.

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