Boom. Importers rejoice, exporters are getting nervous.

I’m no specialist when it comes to currencies but I’ve always thought that the countries affected by the ’97 crisis would eventually see their currencies return to those previous levels, plus with the previous arguments regarding the nature of the monarchy and the what if question gone, what reasons are left for Thailand to be given a discount to it’s regional peers?

  1. I remember thailand slipping into recession in mid 2013 which correlates with your chart when the baht peaked at 29 baht to the dollar…Terrible for us expats at the time.

  2. 64 stang to the person who can answer the following question in connection with BOT’s “firm” rate policy: qui bono? The longer they let it ride, the more pain down the road.

    (The pre-’97 ‘standard’ exchange rate was 25.)

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