And its off to the races! The SET is already up 2.4% in the first few trading days of the year with daily traded values at THB 80 bn, nearly double the normal value traded. Plenty going on oil prices, potential interest rate hikes, infra, and elections. Best of luck figuring out what to buy at these levels…

  1. Happy New Year, Pon and all:
    This is too frothy to me. Boy do I regret selling AOT in the 40’s (not quite following Rockerfeller’s advice to sell too soon 😉 ) If trading volumes and high and the momentum is up, would not a trading house do well.? TISCO & ASIA PLUS come to mind. Good yields. Don.

    • tisco – public co is making profits from the lending/non-interest income + std chartered acquisition, not from market volumes, for that yes look at Asia plus, maybank kimeng, and to an extent KKP, you also have the smaller players i.e. trinity and kgi.

  2. This is a very uneven bull market driven by 10-15 names, most of the market is looking fairly stagnant. Just rotated out of AIT and back into Samtel today as prices for both have reversed from the last rotation point.

    I will be missing the high yield from AIT though.

    • It’s fairly normal that a few large names drive the market in an initial period or towards the end of a rally.

      Of course I’m saying this off feeling/memory without doing any numbers…

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