8-9 years ago when I begun traveling the region with a different mindset. I noted to myself that I no longer saw European nor American firms participating in the infrastructure developments in the Asian region. I was seeing Korean, Japanese, and Chinese firms bidding and winning projects throughout the region, and that I took this as evidence of Asia’s rise due to domestic firms acquiring the necessary knowledge from their western counterparts which they so heavily relied upon until the 00s.  And now most of the world Europe, Latin America and Asia are doing more trade and investment deals with China as opposed to the US/Europe. 

Then over the past weekend it just whacked in my the face that effectively every software we use on a day to day basis is effectively American – personally except for Spotify, Line and perhaps domestic banking applications. US based firms do have an economic stranglehold on our own economy and that one no longer needs to be physically present to benefit economically. 

And so whilst we are all on Android/iOs is Chinese technology going to be the next thing to disrupt the economic/technological control that the US has over the world?

Just an obvious but random observation…

Another one was when looking at SISB (Singapore International School of Bangkok) a listed co on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and and upcoming IPO on the Singapore market called Kinderworld which utilises the Singapore education throughout 15 schools in Vietnam. In the past one would have looked towards the British and American education system to send their kids to (expats and locals that are “affluent”) for the “best” education. And I’ve always thought aloud that the one of the UK’s main exports was its education hence keeping the country relevant to most of the world. 

What if Singapore exports it’s education system throughout the region effectively?

We’re seeing this in Bangkok, in Vietnam, imagine this being exported to Cambodia/Laos/Myanmar. Plus with Hong Kong going back to China – despite their protests it will eventually happen – Singapore is the last place in the region that could be considered 1st World with a proper court system and fair dealing, combined with its education system that consistently tops the international charts. What parent wouldn’t choose such a system/location for their children?

Perhaps this observation is far-fetched but lets see.

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