Note: This section should be quieter in the coming weeks as we’re approach 2Q releases

BTS in talk with BMA to extend 2 concessions on Green line skytrain service by 40 years on terms that BTS invests in the construction of Green line extensions Khu Khot-Lam Luk Ka & Kheha-Bang Pu, while co is obliged to share part of revenue to BMA.

Comment: It’s still an oligopoly/monopoly

FTE in talk 3 industrial clients to install fire protection equipment in factories combined worth Bt60m, expect to sign before end of-3Q, 70% of Bt450m backlog to realize in 2H, sees wider margins yoy as import costs drops

SKE to cod 9.9mw biomass powerplants before end of-July, firms on 50% FY19 revenue growth target.

Comment: In Mongolia of all places. 

TNP to open 5 super market upcountry in 2H, in talk partner to expand online channels, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: I don’t quite think this company can actually achieve anything online. As a super market co, scale will be the issue at the end of day.

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