ADVANC secured exclusive right to broadcast Tokyo Olympic 2020 on mobile-pay, iPTV and Internet

Comment: A slap in the face to TRUE! Then again other than the 100 m sprint, I’m not sure what other Olympic event people tune in to…but this is just further evidence of the changes seen in the media industry

AEONTS firms on 3% full year loan growth target >Bt8b from strong operation in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, expects momentum carry thru 4Q on holiday season.

EGCO to wrap up plan to invest in 1,220MW powerplants in Vietnam by this month and 2 powerplants in Taiwan by end of year, to COD another 383MW in 2H19 and consider par split.

MC sold all its 51% stake in Time Deco, held via its subsidiary, with Bt38m loss to book in 1Q (Jul-Sept)

Comment: Ouch a painful loss…so much for the multi-brand multi-product approach by MC

RAM increased its stake in THG to 5.57% from 3.16%, by acquiring 20.5m share @ Bt22.

Comment: Family member sold to RAM

SF upbeats 2H earnings from larger lettable space and re-priced rental rates, allots Bt1b to develop mixed-use projects in Thonglor.

Comment: Stair case type of revenue/profit structure, great stories but it’s a spread game.

TEAMG wins consultancy contract for groundwater resource development projects in Timor-Leste

THANI anticipates recovery credit demand 2H following implementation of price guarantee on rice, palm and rubber, maintain Bt26b full year new loans target +10% yoy, pays interim Bt0.16 dps XD Sept 12.

TMB: Fitch raised TMB’s outlook to Positive from Stable, and may result in rating upgraded, responding to merger with TCAP.

  1. Seems like True has realized they picked all the low hanging fruit from DTAC already and going after AIS ain’t easy. Ultimately we the consumer will lose from True acting rationally.

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